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respecting fresh local produce

As a small restaurant, we work mainly with small local farms and suppliers around New Zealand, and try to use free-range or organic ingredients and produce where possible. Our menus can change spontaneously as it is dictated by what we receive into the kitchen each morning. Having a small kitchen with little space, we always keep minimal stock, which enforces the restaurant's concept of promoting freshness and innovation. 

Some of our smaller suppliers only produce a very limited amount of stock, which makes Jano a little more exclusive than other restaurants. We’re always searching for quality local produce and products to use in our menu, and welcome suppliers to get in touch with us!


A marriage of bistro and gastronomy, "Bistronomy" is the bringing together of fine dining experience in a relaxed environment. The art of understanding, discovering and tasting affordable and exquisite fine cuisine.  

who is 'jano'?

The name ‘Jano’ was inspired by Pierre’s grandfather, Jeannot Fenoux, who was the community gardener of his township of Aix Les Bains, France. Jeannot and his wife, Manette, owned a large garden where they grew their own fruits and vegetables, and Pierre spent a large part of his childhood harvesting and cooking with his grandparents.

Jeannot would often take Pierre fishing for freshwater cray at the nearby river; go exploring at the local markets; or go venture into the forest at dawn after a raining evening to look for fresh snails and mushrooms.  These memories and experiences taught Pierre the qualities of working with fresh produce, and understand the beauty of cooking with simple, quality ingredients.